Why Start A Blog?

Starting a blog is something that I have dabbled with a few times over the years.  It always seemed to me that it was a perfect way for me to share my interests with someone new, who I knew wanted to listen.  I could never seem to settle on what it was that I wanted to write about though.

I am plagued by feelings of self-doubt, which have made it impossible for me to want to ‘put myself out there’, but I think that I am now in a place where I can – just about – cope with the emotional rollercoaster that COULD be the response to what I have to write.

I feel like it is an important message.  Being blind does not have to stop me from being creative.  A realisation that I am only now beginning to understand, at the grand old age of 35!

I hope that the blog posts I write will provide some kind of insight into the difficulties that accessing arts and crafts can have, but also the possibilities.  Does it really matter if I don’t do things the same way as someone else?  Does it matter if I use a product in a ‘different’ kind of way.  Who is to say that what I try, may not become the best thing since sliced bread?  OK – got a little carried away, but you get the point.

I really hope that you all enjoy my blog, and that it inspires you to at least have a go.

Kate x

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