I just bought a MISTI!

MISTI is an acronym for Most Incredible Stamp Tool Invented.  I had seen a few YouTubers and bloggers were using it to help align their stamping, and I did like the look of it. I have been trying to decide whether I wanted to invest in a MISTI for quite some time.  It is quite expensive at $50, and was $30 to have it shipped to the UK!  After months of deliberations, I finally went for it this afternoon.  So, hopefully in the next few weeks (not sure how long the postage is likely to take), I will be able to give a full review on the tool.

It is essentially a piece of clear plastic that is hinged onto a base that (I believe) is wooden, with a wooden layer of raised wood around the 3 edges that are not the part the plastic section is hinged to.  It opens very much like a book.  I think that is the best way I can describe it.  If you thought of a book, and hollowed out the inside, leaving a boarder of pages around the edges.  The front cover of the ‘book’ is the plastic section of the MISTI.  The spine is the hinged section, and the hollowed out section is the place where you would place your paper to be stamped on.  

The idea behind it is that you put your piece of paper that you want to stamp onto into the hollowed out section (using the edges to align it straight), then place your un-inked stamp onto the paper exactly where you want them.  You then use a small magnet to hold the paper in place for you.  You close the hinged plastic section, which effectively ‘grabs’ the stamp, then you open it again.  At this point you can add ink to your stamp, and when you close the lid again, the design on the stamp is put onto your paper EXACTLY where you wanted it.

The real benefit comes if you are doing repeat stamping, say for a set of invitations you want to be identical.  As long as you put the paper in the same place and don’t remove the stamp from the plastic, you can stamp again, and again, in the exact same place on multiple sheets of paper.

Also, if you didn’t get a good impression when you stamped the first time, you can simply stamp it again and it will be in the exact same place, so no ghost-lines where you are not lining up where you should be.

I think this is going to be a revelation for me for card making!  I can really take my time placing my stamps in a safe ‘no ink’ way, and then simply close the lid to pick the stamps up and THEN add the ink.  I’m genuinely quite excited to use this tool.  I promise to give a full and frank review of the MISTI once it arrives.


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