Crafting As A Blind Girl ;-)

Trying to learn a new skill is tough, no matter who you are, or what the task.  Sadly that is just a fact of life.  If we were perfect at everything from the get-go, 1) life would be dull and 2) there would be no progress as people learn new strategies in order to hone their skills in whatever their chosen path.

As a person learning a new skill with the addition of a significant vision loss, you kind of have to reinvent the wheel for every task.  So, when I decided around 5 years ago, while starting the very long road to recovery (still doing it!) from a mental health breakdown, that I really wanted to see if I had a creative bone in my body, of course my first port of call was jewellery making.  I mean, how hard could it possibly  be?  In short?  Very!

I scoured the internet for any hints and tips which might help me to learn the skills I needed.  There wasn’t much – if anything – about, and if I’m honest, vision loss is such a personal experience that what works for one person will very likely not work for the next.

I think YouTube became my biggest source of information.  I could pause, rewind, replay to my heart’s content without feeling like I was taking up anyone else’s time but my own.  I could zoom in to a very high degree thanks to my computer, and if nothing else, it gave me something to concentrate on other than the really dark days of depression, anxiety disorders and OCD.

I actually became relatively good at making jewellery by touch.  I have enough vision to tell colours apart (mostly), and although I was VERY slow, I did get there.  The extent of my skills pretty much levelled out at re-stringing beads and putting a clasp on them, but hey – I could do something, which was a massive achievement.

Since then, I have tried my hand a range of crafts.  My husband says – regularly – that my hobby is collecting hobbies!  I think I have to agree with him on that one.  The thing is, I wont know what I like unless I try it.  I was never one for ‘having a go’ when I was younger and I think I may be making up for that now.  I have decided that I can – and will – try almost any craft at least once.

One particular craft that I REALLY want to learn is card making.  I love the idea of being able to make someone smile with something I have made.  Until quite recently, I have just been collecting card making supplies in the hope that I will one day figure out a way to produce cards that are halfway decent.  I have tried so many times, and failed.

I think I may be close to cracking it though!  With a LOT of jiggery pokery I have a set up that may work out.  It involves a television set, an Apple TV, an iPhone, a Gorilla tripod, and an enormous amount of patience.

I thought it might be fun to bring you along on this journey of card making fun, where I find ways to adapt techniques so that as a blind girl I can achieve similar results.  This could be quite the ride!

Kate x

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